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Skanery laserowe 3D (HDS)
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Sterowanie maszynami
Systemy do skanowania kinematycznego
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Tachimetry (TPS)

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Rozwiązania dla rolnictwa powstały w oparciu o nasze doświadczenie w dziedzinach GPS i sterowania maszynami, które już wspomagają górnictwo i budowy na całym świecie. Osoby pracujące każdego dnia na instrumentach Leica Geosystems ufają im ze względu na ich niezawodność, wartość użytkową, i doskonałe wsparcie techniczne.
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Guidance & Auto-Steer Solutions
Start improving your efficiency in the field with an array of agriculture guidance products and accessories offered by Leica Geosystems. Whether you start with the Leica mojoMINI or the more precise Leica mojo3D, there are many opportunities to save time and money in your operation.  więcej
Information Management
Enjoy the freedom with Leica Geosystems’ Information Management solution Leica Virtual WrenchTM. With a push of a button you can update your software and request remote support for the Leica mojo3D, Leica mojoXact Plus and Leica GeoAce.  więcej
Application Control
The Leica Geosystems line of auto-section controllers are designed to work with most GPS receivers and then connect to a wide range of spray rate controllers and planting systems. With auto-section technology, efficiency is gained by removing the guesswork associated with switching sections ON or OFF. This directly contributes to more precise application of chemicals and placement of crops resulting in healthier crops and a more profitable business.  więcej
Steering Solutions
Leica Geosystems offers a wide range of auto-steer options that work with the line of mojo products. Depending on which auto-steer product you have purchased, we offer SteerDirect hydraulic systems, CAN-connection steering options that communicate directly with your tractors CAN system, Steer-Ready Kits (SRK) which provide a convenient retro-fit electro-hydraulic solution, and the Leica QuickSteer assisted steering motor.  więcej
Reference Data Solutions
Specifically developed with the farmer in mind, the Leica GeoAce ensures maximum returns whilst significantly reducing overlap and wastage in the field. To further increase cross compatibility with existing and third party farming equipment this RTK base station provides flexibility like no other on the market.  więcej